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Episode 33 - Missouri High School Baseball - Part 1

Part clinic and part discussion, this episode saw us joined by the Who's Who of High School Baseball coaches in the State of Missouri: Brian Ash (Southern Boone), Dustin Darby (Lone Jack), Kyle Lasley (Jeff City), Scott McGee (Willard), Tony Perkins (Francis Howell), Justin Towe (Rock Bridge) and Dave Wilson (Staley). The amount of Final Fours(25) and State Championships (11) on this podcast is absolutely staggering! Part 1 has coaches Perkins, Wilson and Towe answer specific questions related to their program, while all of the coaches weigh in on a Hall of Fame debate, the use of analytics in their program and how rebuilding culture has been a challenge this school year. We are extremely thankful to all of them for joining us and we cannot wait to release Part 2!

Episode 32 - Carl Reed - Lutheran North High School

Episode 32 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast has Head Coach Carl Reed of Lutheran North High School join us! Coach Reed has had a tremendous amount of success in his career and discusses why St. Louis, his ongoing Raccoon problem at his house, what is the best team he has played while coaching at Lutheran North, what he believes coaches fall short on and then takes on Coach Duke in Paper, Rock, Scissors. We know you will enjoy this episode and a huge thank you to Coach Reed for coming on the show!

Episode 24 - Jeff Steinberg - Beaumont, CA

Episode 24 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast takes us back to California for a chat with Beaumont High School Head Coach Jeff Steinberg. We talk to him about the adjustments needed for California moving the football season to the spring, Six Days till Friday, his three key components of assistant coaches and his thoughts about how you can identify if culture is a problem when taking over a new program. Thanks to Coach Steinberg for coming on the show and we think everyone will gain something from our conversation!

Episode 23 - Chad Masters - Vianney HS

Episode 23 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast features St. John Vianney Head Coach Chad Masters. Coach Masters talks about his coaching career which includes stops at Centralia, Hickman, Jeff City, Tolton and now St. John Vianney. We also talk to Chad about how faith has shaped his coaching journey, what it was like to start a program at Tolton from the ground up and J.R. tells a story that references Chad's time at Jeff City involving a Dry Erase Marker!

Episode 22 - Ian Laperriere - Philadelphia Flyers

Episode 22 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is with former NHL Player and current Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach Ian Laperriere! Frank Delano (Episode 21) joins us as a co-host and was instrumental in setting it up for Coach Laperriere to come on the show. We ask Coach about his time in the NHL, winning the Masterton trophy, serving as the Flyers Player Development Coach, what makes a good teammate, who in the NHL he would not mess with (his Bob Probert story is fantastic) and many other topics. We cannot thank Coach Delano and Coach Laperriere enough! Good luck to the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Episode 21 - Frank DeLano - Haddonfield, NJ

This episode of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast features Haddonfield, New Jersey Head Coach Frank DeLano! We talk about Coach Duke getting a Tesla, J.R.'s infatuation with British Television, Wawa, North Jersey v South Jersey, Creating winning football at Haddonfield, Offense and Defense in New Jersey, Rocky and the St. Louis Blues and Philadelphia Flyers. It is quite the entertaining conversation to say the least!

Episode 20 - Lukas Duncan

Episode 20 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is our conversation with former Columbia Hickman graduate and professional bodybuilder Lukas Duncan. Lukas talks about what got him into competitive bodybuilding, why people struggle to get in shape and stay in shape, what he does to help people meet their fitness goals and many other things!

Episode 19 - Desmond Lindsey - Arkansas State

Episode 19 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is our conversation with Arkansas State Running Backs coach Desmond Lindsey. Coach Lindsey talks about how he came to Arkansas State, what is the biggest adjustment kids make from High School to the College Level, what he believes is essential to the Running Back position and what he likes to do on Day 1 of practice. This was a great conversation which we are sure you will enjoy!

Episode 18 - Kevin Miles - Palmyra High School

This episode of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is our conversation with Head Coach Kevin Miles of Palmyra High School (MO). Coach Miles talks about the Palmyra vs Monroe City rivalry and his Top 3 memories of the games, his military experience in the U.S. Navy, the tragic incident involving Monroe City coach Jamar White, his time working for a funeral home (which J.R. was fascinated by) and the community of Palmyra, MO. This was an extremely fun, entertaining and emotional conversation that you will enjoy!

Episode 17 - Joe Haynes - Waynesville High School

This episode of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast features Waynesville Tigers Head Coach Joe Haynes. Coach Haynes will be starting his third year at the helm of the Waynesville Tigers and he talks about why the Waynesville job was perfect for him, competing against schools with traditions, how he and his staff work with the transient population of a military town, the difference between High School football in his home state of Arkansas and Missouri, the best athlete he has ever seen and his Offensive and Defensive philosophy.

Episode 16 - Rod Sherman - Arapahoe High School (CO)

This episode of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast features Arapahoe High School Head Coach Rod Sherman. Coach Sherman has won multiple football State Titles and has coached in the U.S. Army All-American game as Offensive Coordinator. He talks about his journey to Arapahoe, why they canceled a game in the 2018 season, how to change the culture of a program, how he believes kids can do more than people believe, playing Mater Die and Long Beach Poly while in California and many other things!

Episode 15 - Brian Kula - Kula Sports Performance

This episode of the Process, Preparation and Peformance Podcast is our conversation with Brian Kula of Kula Sports Performance. Coach Kula talks about training elite level athletes including Christian McCaffrey and MaryBeth Sant. It was our absolute pleasure to have him as a guest and we hope everyone enjoys this episode as much as we did making it!

Episode 14 - Warren Goldie - Quinte Skyhawks - QBMAD

Bill and J.R. take the show international and highlight Quinte Skyhawks Head Coach and Owner of QBMAD Warren Goldie of Canada! Coach Goldie talks about QBMAD, his new position as Head Coach of the Quinte Skyhaws, Visualization and VR training, why he got into football and not hockey, his daughter Alexa Goldie's singing career (her song Take the Blame is at the end of the episode) and many other topics.

Episode 13 - Stephen Prather - SportSource Analytics

Episode 13 is our conversation with Stephen Prather, Co-Founder of SportSource Analytics, which is the sole analytics provider for the College Football Playoff Committee. This conversation was a master class in analytics, decision making, delegation and how to apply these concepts at the High School Level.

Episode 12 - Tori Schoonover - University of Missouri

Episode 12 is our conversation with Tori Schoonover, the Director of On-Campus Recruiting at the University of Missouri! Tori talks about her journey to Mizzou, what she does as the Director of On-Campus Recruiting, a little about Head Coach Eli Drinkwitz and gives advice for recruits looking to get noticed. This was a very enlightening and fun conversation with one of the faces of the #NEWZOU!

Episode 11 - Tobias Gibson - Westminster College

Episode 11 is our conversation with Westminster College (Fulton, MO) D-Line coach Tobias Gibson, who is also writing a three page article series for us! Coach Gibson talks about his life as a college professor, coaching the D-Line at South Callaway High School and now transitioning over to the college level. Coach is also a martial arts instructor and talks about his involvement in those disciplines.

Episode 10 - Shane Meyer - Tulane University

Episode 10 of Process, Preparation and Performance is our discussion with Shane Meyer, the Director of Football Operations at Tulane University! Shane talks about what his job entails on a daily basis, some of the unique things they are able to do with student athletes in the City of New Orleans and we take a couple of trips down memory lane from his time at Jefferson City High School.

Episode 9 - Tony Holler - Feed the Cats

Episode 9 is our conversation with Tony Holler who is the Head Track Coach at Plainfield North HS (IL) and the co-founder of the Track Football Consortium. Feed The Cats is revolutionizing the sports world and we are extremely excited to have him as our guest!

Episode 8 - Mike Woosley - Prepstar

Episode 8 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is our talk with Coach Mike Woosley of PREPSTAR. Coach Mike talks about the recruiting process and is posed with the challenge of getting Coach Duke recruited to finish up the last year of eligibility he has.

Episode 7 - Chris Fore -

Episode 7 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast features Chris Fore. The conversation is centered around helping coaches write resumes, cover letters, getting jobs and knowing when it is time to walk away. You can find out more about the services he offers by visiting

Episode 6 - Aaron Keen & Larry Kindbom - Washington University

Episode 6 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast highlights new Washington University in St. Louis Head Football Coach Aaron Keen and former Head Coach (now assistant) Larry Kindbom.

Episode 5 - Jerome Watson - La Jolla High School (CA)

Episode 5 of the Process, Preparation and Performance Podcast is a conversation with La Jolla High School QB Coach and Passing Game Coordinator Jerome Watson. We talk about La Jolla's run through the playoffs last year, how they are building their program and several other topics related to La Jolla football

Episode 4 - Howard Brown - McCluer High School

Episode 4 of the Process, Preparation and Performance podcast features Coach Howard Brown who is currently serving as Head Coach of the McCluer Comets, after 15 years as the Head Coach at McCluer South-Berkeley. The conversation is centered around Faith and Hard Work with a few surprises thrown in!

Episode 3 - Dr. David Wilson

Our first guest on the Process, Preparation and Performance podcast is Dr. David Wilson. Dr. Wilson was an educator for 27 years and is currently serving as the Communications Director for Transit and Parking at the University of Arkansas. His book, Growing Up With Pro Football, is the main topic of the discussion, but we dive into his other experiences as a High School football official, other books that he has written and what happens on football game days at the University of Arkansas.

Episode 2 - The R-Code

Episode 2 of the Process, Preparation and Performance podcast dives into the development and use of The R-Code and discussing only three ways (we think) to run the ball.

Episode 1 - We have a Podcast!

The first episode of Process, Preparation and Performance brought to you by Breakdown Sports LLC! In this episode we talk about our reason for the podcast, get into something we call "The Program" and set the stage for future episodes!

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© 2017 Breakdown Sports LLC