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I don't know if anyone is even interested in any of this, but I have talked about it quite a bit on the podcast.  If you would like to follow my progress, you are more than welcome  to follow me on Strava.  I used to ride quite a bit, then got away from it, but on May    31st of last year I went for a ride and managed to do 2,488 miles by December 31st.  If    anyone ever has any questions about wanting to start riding, feel free to ask! 

What bike(s) do I ride?

I usually ride my Trek XO1 that I bought in 2009 for around $2,000.  It has an aluminum frame with carbon forks, so it’s not the lightest thing in the world, but other than a couple of new cassettes and chains, it has been a great bike.  The best thing I did was get professionally fitted to it and that has made a world of difference.  If you are ever in Jeff City, go see Mark at the Hartsburg Cycle Depot, he will take care of you!

I also have a Trek Madone 5.5 that I bought in 2008 for around $4,500.  It is a carbon fiber bike that can really fly.  I don’t ride it hardly at all, so it just sits around collecting dust.  If anyone would want to buy it (I’ll give ya a great price), I’d be happy to talk to you about it!  Someday soon I’m going to buy a cyclocross / gravel bike that is carbon fiber as well and retire the XO1.  Just a quick tip, if you want to ride a lot, get your body measured so the frame fits you as perfectly as it can (they are all different)!

What do I use to ride inside?

What's it look like?

1. My Bike
2. Wahoo Kickr Core (click to see)
3. FulGaz App (click to see)
4. Apple TV
5. Projector

This was a pretty cool ride in Italy

Got any questions?

Weekly Progress

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