Catching With Cheese

Jake Lindmeier


Currently the catching coordinator and head coach of the 15U West Boca Snappers based out of Delray Beach, FL.  Experience working with professional hitters and catchers as well as working with students as young as 8 years old on both the baseball and softball side of the diamond.  A native to Central Wisconsin, I played my college ball at Milwaukee Area Technical College and finished my career at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, TX.  First official coaching job was with Keiser University during 2015-2016 campaign. Having 10+ years with coaching camps for youth/high school players and having recruiting experience, my goal with every player I work with is to prepare them for the next level of competition.



  • Quiet Body
  • Fast hands
  • Pocket awareness


Partner kneels 8 feet away and rolls ball to catcher. Catcher Starts with thumb touching ground, palm facing thrower. As they receive the ball, they work the ball back up to knee level in one fluid motion keeping palm facing the thrower the entire time. Goal of the drill is to feel the movement of glove underneath and pulling back to the zone. 

*If no partner, can be done with a water bottle set 1 foot in front of catcher feeling the fluid motion back up.

Rapid toss:

Two tossers spread 8-10 ft apart from each other as well as catcher.  Each tosser has 5 balls and will alternate tossing to different parts of the zone.  Goal is to find pocket with each ball and to keep the body quiet.  No need to squeeze each pitch as we are just focusing on catchers learning how to find the pocket with each pitch.

*training gloves are great for this drill to maximize focus on pocket awareness.



  • Play too fast in practice so the game doesn’t speed you up!
  • Faster release > Max strength throw
  • Accurate 2.0 plays!

Knee Transfers:

Catcher starts with left knee up in a lunge position sitting on our back foot.  Start with ball in glove and in all one motion we want to work transfer of ball to throwing hand and weight to front knee. Have them do 2-3 dry runs of just getting ball to throwing hand.  On the last rep have them throw it in the same motion.  Goal of the drill is to work exchange and release.

*As they get use to the movement, add in a toss or make them do it barehand.

Throwing Progression:

Most high school and youth catchers feel they need to make a max effort throw to get the ball to 2nd base. This drill will help them understand the quickness portion of it. A good cue for this drill is to tell your catchers to release ball before left foot lands. This will speed their feet and arm up. If they struggle with the transfer, ITS OKAY. Get them to understand their limits.

  • Round 1- Base or cone set right behind the mound
    • Goal: get ball out of your hand. You’re only throwing this ball 70 ft max. GET IT THERE.
  • Round 2- Base or cone set halfway between mound and 2B
    • Goal: same as round 1, keep ball on a line, try to speed yourself up.
  • Round 3- Base or cone set on cut of infield grass in front of 2nd
    • Goal: Throw ball through first two targets on a line still working on releasing ball as quick as possible.
  • Round 4- Target is 2B. Leave bases or cones from other rounds as visuals.
    • Goal: Make accurate throw, mentally giving each of the 4 bases a chance to make a play if there was a runner stealing that base.

© 2017 Breakdown Sports LLC

© 2017 Breakdown Sports LLC